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How to Add Custom Domain in Blogger

Hello friends, welcome to today I will give information about How to Add Custom Domain in Blogger.

Friends, there is always a question in the mind of a new blogger that where to start blogging.

He should create his blog on WordPress or make his first blog on Blogger. Friends, let me clear this doubt of yours.

If you have some budget then you can start your blogging with WordPress. But if you do not have money then you should start your blogging from blogger itself.

When you have money, then you move to WordPress.

Now your doubt has been cleared, now the next question will come in your mind whether to start blogging on blogger from free domain or from custom domain.

Friends, I will advise you that you should start blogging with a custom domain.

You will have many benefits of using a custom domain, which I will explain to you further.

Friends, maybe now you have decided to use custom domain, now it must be coming in your mind how to set it in blogger.

You do not need to worry, today I will give you a step by step guide on how to add a custom domain to blogger.

Benefits of Adding Custom Domain in Blogger 

Friends, there are many benefits of adding a custom domain in Blogger. Let me tell you about some of the main advantages.

1) Adsense Approval –

Friends, adding Custom Domain increases your chances of getting AdSense Approval Fast.

Google gives more preference to TLD domains than other domains.

No one knows whether this is true or not, but I am telling you this from my own experience.

All the AdSense Approved Websites I have analyzed have top level domain.

2) Fast Ranking –

Friends, if you use a custom domain, then your website is ranked fast in Google’s search result.

You must have observed this that on any particular keyword, only a custom domain is always visible in the top results as Compare to Free Domain.

3) Professional look-

Friends, if your domain has .com, .in, .net, that website looks professional.

You must have observed the website behind which there is a domain name of free, you do not take it seriously.

That website also does not look professional as compared to other websites.

4) Easy Migration –

Friends, this is the most important point. Suppose friends, after working on blogger for 4 months, your mind was taken to shift to WordPress.

If you have maintained your website on then you will not be able to shift your website to WordPress.

Because Blogspot is blogger’s domain which you cannot migrate.

But if you had a custom domain then you can easily migrate your domain as it is the domain you have purchased.

5) Alexa Ranking –

Friends, this is the biggest drawback of, why don’t you create any number of backlinks.

But there is not much improvement in your Alexa Rank.

6) Branding –

Friends, if you use Custom Domain in your website, then it helps in branding of your website.

Custom Domain is your own domain, it simply means that you can use it on any platform.

But if you use, then you can use it in Blogger itself and this website will be known as BlogSpot website.

That’s why you should use the use of Custom Domain so that the website is known by your name.

7) Easy SEO and Trust –

Friends, the second best benefit of using Custom Domain is that it becomes very easy to do SEO of your website.

Users trust more on websites that have extension .com, .in.

So if you use custom domain then your website growth is fast.

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How to add custom domain in blogger

Friends, to add custom domain inside blogger, you have to follow the steps given below.

1) First of all open your blogger in your laptop. You will come to blogger’s homepage.

2) On the homepage you will see the option of Settings, click on it.

3) Within the settings, you have to search for the custom domain and click on it.

4) Now you have to paste your custom domain here and click on save.

5) Now you will have a new page, here your CNAME;s will be written.

GoDaddy’s Settings to Add Custom Domain –

Now you have to open your Godaddy account.

Here you have to select your domain inside the product.

Inside the domain you will see the option of DNS, you have to open it.

The Records page will open in front of you. Here you have to search the CNAME.

You will get 2 CNAME options in front of you. You have to choose the first one.

In the first name, there will be www inside the name and @ in the value, you have to open it.

When this page is opened, then you have to delete the @ in the points to and come back to blogger and copy the codes after the destination in the first CNAME.

Now you have to paste these copied codes in place of @ and click on save.

Now you have to come back to blogger and copy the name of second cname and search second cname in Dns and open it.

Now you have to delete the value of host here and replace it with blogger name.

Simmilarly copy the destination code from Blogger and replace it with the code of Points to in Dns.

Finally you have to click on save.

Now you have to come to the dashboard of your blogger, here also you have to click on the option of save.

Your custom domain has been added to blogger.

Important Settings After Adding Custom Domain –

Friends, after adding a custom domain, you have to enable Redirect Domain and Https.

By enabling this, your website’s SSL certificate will be turned on.

How to add Custom Domain in Final words on Blogger –

Friends, I hope you enjoy today’s post How to Add Custom Domain in Blogger Would have liked it a lot.

Today I have told you in detail about how you can set up a custom domain on your Blogger blog with the help of GoDaddy.

I have also told you in detail what are the benefits of using a custom domain.

Now you should not have any problem in adding a domain to your blogger.

I hope you got to learn something new today.


Q1) How do I add a domain to my blogger for free?

Ans – You go to blogger’s settings and add your domain name and update blogger’s cname in your Dns. Your domain will be added to blogger.

Q2) Do I need a domain name for blogging?

Ans – Domain name is the identity of your blog and through the domain name Google presents your website to the user.

Q3) Which domain is better for blogging?

Ans – If you use TLD domain then it is considered a good domain name for blogging.

Q4) Do we get Custom Domain in Blogger for free?

Ans- No, in Blogger you get Domain for free. You have to purchase Custom Domain by paying money.

Q5) Best website to buy custom domain in India in Hindi?

Ans – Friends, according to me Godaddy, Namecheap and Hostinger are the best to buy Custom Domain.

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