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LAN (Local Area Network): There are many types of networks which are widely used in computers, among them one of the most important types of networks is LAN. You must have also used LAN. Because this network is used to share data in places like schools, homes, offices etc.

But do you know what is LAN, what are the types of LAN, what technology is used to make LAN, what are the uses of LAN and what are the advantages and disadvantages of LAN.

If you want to get all such information, then definitely read this article till the end. After reading this article, all the confusion related to your LAN will go away.

So let’s start knowing more about what is LAN in this article.

What is LAN?

LAN, the full form is Local Area Network, is a type of network with the help of which we can connect two or more computers in a local area.

LAN network is used as internet in places like home, office, school, college, airport, railway station etc. In a LAN, at least two devices can be connected to each other and we can connect a maximum of thousand devices to the LAN.

What is LAN

With the help of LAN, resources like files, emails, printers, internet access etc. can be shared. You can use LAN only in a certain area, if you move out of the area then you will not be able to use LAN.

Creating a LAN does not require much hardware. A LAN includes cables, access points, switches, routers, and other components that enable devices to connect to internal servers, web servers, and other LAN’s via a wide area network (WAN).

LAN is the best network for office, school, homes because in this we can also share hardware like printer. MAN and WAN networks are larger networks than LAN’s. LAN can cover an area from 100 meters to 1 kilo meter.

Usually, two or more devices are connected together through cables in LAN, but in today’s time LAN network is also made wireless.

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Types of LAN

In general, there are two types of LAN:

  1. Client Server LAN (Client – ​​Server LAN)
  2. Peer to Peer LAN

Let us now understand about them one by one –

1. Client Server LAN

What is client server network with example - IT Release

In Client Server LAN Many devices are interconnected by a central server. The server manages file storage, application access, device access, and network traffic. A client can be any connected device that accesses applications or the Internet. Clients connect to the server via a cable or wireless connection. Client Server LAN is used in most small offices, government research, schools, colleges.

2. Peer–To– Peer LAN

Peer-to-Peer Networks - Computer Notes

Just as there is a Central Server in Client Server LAN but there is no Central Server in Peer-To-Peer LAN. Central server can handle more workload in Client Server LAN but it is not so in Peer–To–Peer LAN so they are smaller. Each device in Peer–To–Peer LAN shares similar functioning. The devices are connected either wired or wireless. The network used in most homes is Peer-to-Peer LAN.

What Technology Is Used To Make LAN

Local area networks use Wi-Fi or Ethernet to connect computers and devices to a network.

A typical Wi-Fi LAN operates one or more wireless access points to which devices within the coverage area are connected. These access points manage the network traffic that flows to and from connected devices. Wireless broadband router acts as an access point in the LAN of home, school, office.

A typical Ethernet LAN consisting of an Ethernet cable to which all devices such as hubs, routers, etc. are connected.

What Are The Uses Of LAN

  • LAN (Local Area Network) is widely used in universities, some banks, homes and some air reservation systems. LAN enables you to store data in any central computer from where it can be shared across the organization.
  • File transfer and recovery are easier in a LAN (Local Area Network) network because the backup files are stored on a single server.
  • Restricted LAN provide adequate security to PC data as only authentic users can share and access the data.
  • LAN (Local Area Network) helps you save on the installation cost of various software, as the resources are managed and shared across central servers.
  • In addition, expensive hardware devices such as laser printers, CD writers and scanners can be used equally from each individual unit.

Advantages of Local Area Network

Following are the advantages of LAN –

  • With the help of LAN we can access computer resources like printers, scanner, modem, DVD-ROM drives etc. With the help of which the cost of our hardware is saved.
  • With the help of LAN, we can share software so that we do not need to take separate software license for each device.
  • Data and messages can be shared easily with other computers connected to the network
  • Since the data is stored on the server computer, it is easier to manage the data in only one place and the data is also more secure.
  • Local area network also provides the facility of sharing the internet among all the users.

Disadvantage of LAN

Along with the advantages of LAN, there are also some disadvantages such as –

  • Initially, the cost of setting up the LAN is high. Because building a server requires special software and an Ethernet cable, switch, Communication devices like hubs, routers, cables are expensive.
  • There is no privacy in LAN because each LAN user can see other LAN user’s data files, computer and internet history.
  • A LAN administrator is required in the local area network because there are problems like software installation, program fault or hardware failure or cable disturbance in the local area network.
  • LAN can cover only a limited area.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the full form of LAN?

The full form of LAN is Local Area Network.

  • What is the range of LAN?

The range of LAN can be from 100 to 1000 meters.

  • How many devices can be connected with the help of LAN?

With the help of LAN, at least 2 devices can be connected, if needed, you can also connect thousands of devices to the LAN.

  • How is the LAN connected?

A wired LAN uses an Ethernet cable to connect all the devices together. And the wireless LAN is created using Wi-Fi.

  • What is the speed of LAN?

The maximum speed of LAN can be 1000 Mbps.

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